About the Artist

Pam the Artist

Pamela T Abdalla is a Pittsburgh career attorney who spent 25 years in the Family Law arena
followed by some years dedicated to regional nonprofit work before returning to her painting roots on a full time basis. Her early and teen years were spent painting regularly with her mother, Adeline Brady Turner (profiled in “About the Artist’s Mother”, below) in their Fairmont, WV home studio.

Studio 524’s work encompasses a broad subject array, from abstract Impressionism to
landscape art, from forays into luminism painting to city landscape art, and from spiritual representation works to both whimsical and realistic creature portrayals. The artist views her craft as an expression of the spiritual connection she feels with the natural world and a means of connecting her with the viewer through the spiritual lens her work provides.

Pamela’s work is often a family affair and she rarely considers a piece complete before soliciting
opinions from her three children and her husband. Her most fervent hope is that, through Studio 524,
her adoration for the magnificence of our creation is shared with collectors and viewers, that those
wishing to make a fine art investment through choosing or commissioning one of her works will find a
spiritual presence that multiplies the value of their choice.

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